Our project was launched in 2021. But its foundations were laid much earlier. Since about 2013, the authors have been recording money in spreadsheets. First it was notepad, then Excel, and finally Google Sheets.

We didn't record income and expenses because it was fun or interesting. It was a real work on ourselves, and a desire to change lives "from paycheck to paycheck." We planned expenses, and avoided impulse purchases. It was probably the only way to stay on budget back then. And so, over the New Year's holidays in 2013, the first version of an income and expense account spreadsheet was made. We started recording all the financial events there. And after a couple of years, we realized that this method worked well. Income gradually increased, and spending became predictable.

At the end of 2020, we decided it was time to share this experience. We made a prototype, and now we're starting to show it to people. For now, the service is only available on the web version, but it has good mobile adaptability. You can add it to your smartphone home screen, and use it as a regular app.

Our mission is to help people manage money, grow, and achieve their dreams. We also support healthy lifestyles. That's why we added to interface a water clicker and a pedometer. We want the project to become a comprehensive fintech service in the future, and a point of attraction for conscious people. At the moment, the app is free in its basic version. And it's a great opportunity to start changing lives for the better. Right now.