DreamCoin - internal currency in the project. For it you can subscribe to the Pro-version, which has more features. In the future, we are considering turning our currency into a crypto-token. This will allow using DreamCoin as a real cryptocurrency - for example, transferring it to other people.

How can I get DreamCoin? First, by adding an income or expense record, you have a chance to get one coin. That is, the more often you keep a budget, the faster you fill up your balance. Secondly, you can invite your friends to the project. For each friend with confirmed E-mail address, you and your friend will get 3 coins.


We also recently released an edition of physical coins. Each one was issued in denominations of 3. The first testers and most active users received the coins. So, the third way is to use the app, give feedback and suggestions, and get DreamCoins as a gift!

Information about Pro version can be found in the Subscription section. The Pro version is useful for those who want to organize super-professional money accounting. Specifically, people with multiple accounts and cards, investors, entrepreneurs, families, the financially conscious, and others. Inside such a subscription there are groups, category management, unlimited wallets. For now, the Pro subscription can only be purchased for DreamCoin.