My Dream Budget - agreement

Our project is about dreaming more, enjoying life, being healthy and financially successful.

For a clear and open understanding, let us note the following features of the project. By continuing with the site you agree to these terms and conditions and fully accept them.

  • When registering on the site, you are asked to specify your dream (the goal you want to achieve). This information will be saved in our database. This information is confidential - only you and us have access to it.
  • When you sign up on the site, you're asked for some personal information. Namely: E-mail, your name, country of residence, the currency used in payments. This information will be saved in our database.
  • Sometimes we will send updates to your E-mail. You can opt out if you want.
  • We use different metrics on the site to analyze user behavior. These can be different metrics such as Google and Yandex. Some of these metrics record your behavior. Thus, we can see which sections of our site you have been to and which buttons you have clicked on. This information is important for making our service better and more convenient.
  • We use cookies on the site so we can make it work properly. If you turn off cookies, you won't be able to use our site.
  • We use JavaScript on the site to make it work correctly. If you turn off JavaScript, you won't be able to interact with our site.
  • We might show you occasional ads on the site - on some tariffs, depending on the tariff you choose in your personal cabinet.
  • Promotion and advertising of our project is welcome! We'll be glad if you tell about our project in social networks, blog or other media. We are open to development and prosperity!
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change unilaterally. An up-to-date version of the terms and conditions is available in this section.